EU GDPR Project Management and Consultancy


We are a compliance organisation. As the name suggests we started to help small organisations with advice and support on becoming compliant with the EU GDPR legislation by providing an affordable and methodical approach to compliance.

We have grown since then. Our experienced professionals have a wide range of skills and accreditation allowing us to assist in many forms of compliance projects from Cyber Security to Risk Management.

For many small organisations the overhead of implementing a compliance regime is unwarranted. They have neither the time or the experience to do so and this is where we can help.

We have developed a structured approach to implementing compliance, be that GDPR, Cyber Essentials, ISO27001 PCI DSS or many other standards.

Many standards overlap and our approach will assist organisations with ensuring that there is a consistent set of controls avoiding duplication and confusion.

We help organisations implement the documentation and control mechanisms that are required. We also provide the appropriate training and communication through e-learning and tailored workshops to ensure that this is not just a box ticking exercise, but becomes embedded into an organisations culture.

There are many benefits to compliance,

  • Improvements in efficiency
  • Lowering of costs
  • Sales and Marketing advantages
  • Improved security and governance

As your compliance partner we can ensure you maximise these opportunities and win.

For more details on our services please feel free to browse the rest of our site or contact an request a free consultation.