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 Cyber Health Check

Our Cyber Health Check combines on-site consultancy and audit with remote vulnerability assessments.

We will identify your actual cyber risks and audit the effectiveness of your responses, creating a prioritised plan for managing those risks in line with business objectives. We offer a wide range of cyber security services from reviews and health checks to incident response services and advice on Service Organisational Controls


Cyber Incident Response Management

When you have a cyber-incident, the speed in which you respond and re-mediate the threat will make a significant difference in controlling risk, costs and exposure.An efficient incident response process can reduce the risk of future incidents occurring. EUGDPR.ORG.UK provides an incident response consultancy service based on ISO27001 and ISO 27035. It is an essential part of developing an effective defence against a cyber-attack.


ISO27001 Information Security.

ISO27001 is the international standard that describes best practice for an information security management system (ISMS). It is globally recognised as the most comprehensive solution to achieving an enhanced cyber security posture.

An ISMS is specific to the organisation that implements it, so no two ISO27001 projects are the same. EUGDPR.ORG.UK have professionals who are very experienced in assisting companies gain certification. This is a bespoke service tailored to the needs of the organisation.


ITSM, ITIL® and ISO20000

Adopting ITIL or implementing ISO20000 can bring a huge range of benefits to your organisation from improving IT services and reducing costs through to improved productivity and customer satisfaction.Like ISO27001 every organisation is different. Our experienced consultants will help you evaluate your existing IT services and provide you with practical steps that you can take to achieve ISO20000 compliance.

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